sheree pennah

I work with software, alongside some of the best in the biz at Black Pixel in Seattle, WA. Sometimes they call me a Quality Assurance Engineer but as a professed Holistic Software Tester, I like to think of myself as an Illuminator for teams, projects and products. In the recent past, I had the supreme pleasure of doing neat and terrible things to NetNewsWire, Versions and Kaleidoscope. Presently, I've been contributing to iOS and Android projects I wish I could tell you about. Prior to that, I spent 13 years at Seattle's The Stranger and Portland Mercury newspapers doing development, tech support, systems administration, writing, accounting, and darn near anything they asked me to.

You can find me saying weird things over at, baffling things on Twitter or for the truly bizarre, avail yourself of my blog at I would love to be a gratis tester on the next alpha or beta of your Mac or iOS app, please reach out.

If you are looking for a group of Software Test Consultants or Quality Assurance Contractors who are context-driven, engineering-integrated and highly skilled on all things mobile, please contact my employer about QA and test services.